Tuesday, April 18, 2006

View from Echoi Point over the Three Sisters and the Jamison Valley, Katoomba

Fowler stayed the night near here in the Blue Mountains YHA hostel - which was a very pretty old Art Deco building with excellent facilites. So good in fact that he signed up to become a member of the YHA - possibly the best decision so far in Oz as the related discounts are excellent (earlier today Fowler saved $150 on car hire booked through the YHA for example) and the hostels are always good (well so far anyway). Diner was taken at a little Italian place up Katoomba Street - and Fowler was harrased in the restaurant by an incredibly drunk local man trying to communicate the rubbishness of penatly shoot outs in football (or soccer as its sometime referred to apparently)and the virtues of Rugby League - where men are men and a tackle invloves dislocations or concussion! Posted by Picasa

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