Friday, March 23, 2012

Training blues

To sum up the last few weeks, its been injury -> swim -> run -> snowboard -> run -> injury -> run -> injury -> cycle -> swim (in that order).  I think I'm just about in one piece still- and Charlotte the physio seems to have worked wonders again.  Highlights have been a run round Morzine in France , a trial run round the park - where I realised I could still do the Spitfire 20 race and my knees weren't going to implode, actually doing the Spitfire 20 race (2:21:08), and doing some great swim session lately (90 mins tonight - it was an absolute lung buster).

As regards the Spitfire20 if anyone fancies a laugh at how washed out I look as the race progresses, there are some pics here: (my race number was 303).

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