Saturday, April 07, 2012

Its going swimmingly

Still doing more swimming than running at the moment, but managed a couple of jogs at lunchtime in Ware last week and had a quick blast round Vicky park today (in between bouts of programming) which seemed to be reasonably pain free - so I am much more confident that I will actually make it to the start line in Greenwich and put in a reasonable shift!  Tried to keep up with my brother in the pool at Tri Club on Thursday and it almost killed me.  Him and the others in our lane did in the region of 3.8km (including drills etc) and I managed about 3.65km - which I'm more than happy with, considering I could only do about 50 metres of front crawl 6 months ago.  My swim technique is still atrocious but its getting gradually better as the weeks go by..

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